Crime Mass shooting at Walmart in El Paso, TX

Secondly, overall gun violence in the US is half what it was 20 years ago.

I don't think that stat is ever going to have any currency while big mass casualty events are still happening. I don't think many people really care about the gang on gang or ghetto/low socioeconomic gun crime. But school/shopping centre/church/entertainment district mass casualty events, people care about that, a lot.
The person that comes up with a plan for nipping that in the bud can't come onto the scene quick enough. It won't be with a gun control plan either.
Why is there no awareness campaign. As Riderboy I think astutely pointed to. These guys talk so other people know and probably they are worried but instead of doing nothing they need report it.
Second part of it is that police need to act. Hey there you go police you need more resources and more police instead of counting serial number in someones gun safe that is 99.999...$% not going to be a problem.
Apparently someone reported several times that the Christchurch shooter was a whacko.
It’s a good thing gun crimes is overall on the decline, riderboy. Unfortunately Digrar is onto something. Firstly because no one cares that gang used to or still kill each others pretty efficiently unless a children/innocent is caught in the middle of it. Secondly and unless memory all fails us well, these mass shooting resulting in big casualties have become far too common since Columbine and didn’t happen as much pre-1999.

Democrats have been indeed caught trying to further benefits very cynically from these tragedies and blame it on trump, the reps or the alien maybe. However Trump blaming the video game industry is a bit rich too; how many of us have played Ocarina of Time or Goldeneye or GTA and very, very few of us morphed into mass-murderers.
Mass shootings would be far less if the media on a whole would not turn the shooters into cult icons whereby you have those that seek to outdo other shooters in the casualty numbers .. And that other guy who went out after playing some online game for hours on end he wanted to play the game for real .. he was gone ..

Look at the cult status that many Serial Killers have achieved .. soley because there crimes were made into Movies .. is it any wonder why such people end up having fan mail

There is forums outhere that give credence to such people ..
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I would have to look up the Christchurch shooters name, I don't remember it, that media lock down the Kiwis used worked quite nicely. However it is still out there and if I was a little muppet who thought I'd like to emulate him, I could still find a lot of info on him with little issues. I'd rather we knew little more than his current status, as incarcerated, awaiting trial, or in a unmarked grave, full of 5.56 holes, or currently occupying a small urn. What ever the case may be.
Problem is the media love the hits. God awful tragedies increase traffic to their sites and their channels. Money talks in that regards.
CNBC, Fox refused to name the whacos.
Search Ohio shooter CNN NBC though and the selfstyled moralists of the news definelty names them.
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