Finnish conscript with PKM during exercise Ryske 22

Finnish newspaper Aamulehti had an article of Finnish defence industry, and it had these pictures of a FY-Composites helmet K22 which has been in FDF trials:



(with VV M20 image intensifier attached (commercially Senop EVA 40))


(in comparison to the earlier M/62 and composite M/92-M/2000 helmets)


Here's also another photo of a Finnish sniper team spotter which is taken by US Army at 2018 Europe Best Sniper Team Competition in Grafenwöhr (the spotting scope is FDF issue Zeiss Diascope 65):

I also archived all pages of this thread to and, to avoid losing the pictures if the same ever happens to this forum as happened to the previous military picture forum.
Good grief, what do you guys use for powder in those cannon shells, that is brutal flash!! o_O:eek:
Misi railway station near Rovaniemi May 2022. Vehicles arriving by train to Lightning Strike 22 exercise.
Filmed and edited FDF by mediaconscript Paananen

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