Photos Chinese ~ Vietnam War (Sino-Vietnamese War)

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Vietnamese women soldiers holding a Type 56 rifle (AK-47) with a bayonet displaying a Chinese man at gunpoint with his entire arms and chest tightly roped together and hands tied, forcing him to hunch his back. You can see the rope wound around his arms and chest above his elbow. His hands are also tied together with the same rope. She and other Vietnamese female militia captured and took this Chinese man prisoner in a battle against the Chinese PLA in the Sino-Vietnamese War, February-March 1979.


Chinese soldiers of the 41st and 42nd Army Corps who were taken prisoner by Vietnamese troops on the battlefield of Cao Bang. March 1979. (Photo by: Sovfoto/UIG via Getty Images)

A Vietnamese woman soldier with a pith helmet and bayonet tipped K-44 rifle (Mosin-Nagant M44) displays Chinese men with their hands tied behind their backs. She captured them from China's PLA 41st and 42nd Army corps, Sino-Vietnamese War, 25 February 1979, Cao Bằng Province, Vietnam
A group of Vietnamese soldiers resting with their weapons after fighting against Chinese forces,1979

Vietnamese troops in Cambodia boarding a captured Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar to relieve troops fighting against Chinese forces

Vietnamese local defence forces which mostly consists of local farmers and civilians armed with old equipment like the Mosin Nagant and PpSh fighting against Chinese forces

A Chinese P.O.W. being escorted back by a Vietnamese soldier
PLA Soldier Yang Qiliang, picture taken in 1984. Yang was the last man standing when a battalion of PAVN attacked his squad's position on Height 166. He managed to hold his position for 4 hours until relieved.
A Vietnamese soldier holds a Chinese prisoner at gunpoint during the Sino-Vietnamese War of 1979
PLA commandos during Project Blue Sword-B, 1986

Project Blue Sword-B was a military operation by the Peoples liberation army during the Sino-Vietnamese conflicts (1979-1991) to capture several Vietnamese People's Army (VPA) strongholds near Lao Shan. The battle was the first offensive battle of the Lanzhou Military Region's turn against the Vietnamese, suppressing the VPA's firepower and communications with absolute artillery superiority and electronic jamming capabilities, allowing the infantry detachment to complete the assault with far fewer troops than the defending side. The PLA had 207 commandos during the battle and suffered 22 dead and 56 wounded while the VPA had approximately 500 and suffered 304 casualties. The battle was also the first actual combat case in which the People's Liberation Army Electronic Warfare Troops were made public, and since then the People's Liberation Army has begun to pay more attention to the development of electronic warfare units. A film crew led by Wang Hong, a field photographer, followed the assault team throughout the battle, taking photographs and video from so close that Wang Hong himself was shot and wounded. Photographs and videos of the operation were widely circulated and the battle is considered to be the first "People's Liberation Army combat operation to be televised live"
Vietnamese soldiers of the 567th Regiment (Cao Bằng Military Command) fighting against the Chinese forces during the Sino-Vietnamese War in 1979.

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