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The lander of the manned spacecraft "Shenzhou-12" on Friday landed at the Dongfeng landing site in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in northern China, three cosmonauts returned to Earth from the orbital station, broadcast by China Central Television.
The manned spacecraft "Shenzhou-12" undocked from the Chinese orbital station "Tiangong" on Thursday night to return to Earth three cosmonauts - Nie Haisheng, Liu Bomin and Tang Hongbo.
The Shenzhou-12 crew became the first on the Chinese orbital station; in three months of work in orbit, the cosmonauts went into outer space twice. The Dongfeng platform is used for the first time to return astronauts to Earth, it is located in the Badin-Jaran Desert; earlier, the landing site in the Khoshun Sytszywan region was also used in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

U.S. space tracking has detected a new object orbiting along with China’s recently launched Shijian-21 space debris mitigation technology satellite.

Shijian-21 was launched into geosynchronous transfer orbit Oct. 23 by a Long March 3B rocket. Chinese state media reported that the satellite would “test and verify space debris mitigation technologies,” but no further details have been revealed.
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