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Mar 10, 2004
The Following Pictures were taken in Moscow in 1993:
A T34 outside the main museum entrance. Polar, feel free to take the pic for your site mate!
Frog 7
MI 24 A - Elder sister to the MI 24 Hind
SA 2
SA 6 Gainful
SA 8 Gecko
There will be a few more coming a little later - I hope you like them thus far! ;)
Nice pics Z :mrgreen:
yep, this pic are grates. My favorite is pic of SA-2, because I see plane what I,m love it Su-7. :mrgreen:
Zofo thanks for the pic :D
Polar, there are some more pics to come today but there are some problems my side with identification. Stand by to assist please! There are some other vehicles that I'm not too sure about.
Thanks for the plane ID - I didn't know what that was, not being a plane man myself. Glad you're enjoying them folks!
SS 20 Saber it is - thank you very much Polar!
Zofo If you have any problem with identification any equipment from "East" or "WEST" post it. I try help :D
from right is BRDM-2
from Left I think is BTR-70 maybt 80

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