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Jul 12, 2006
Argentine sub missing with 44 aboard

(CNN)The Argentine navy is looking for one of its submarines after it lost contact with the vessel off the country's Atlantic coast, the military service said Friday.

The ARA San Juan submarine was last spotted Wednesday in the San Jorge Gulf roughly 432 kilometers (268 miles) off the east coast, the navy said.

At least 44 crew members were on board, state-run news agency Telam reported Friday.
Crews are searching for the vessel by air and sea near its last known location, navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told reporters.

"We have ordered all terrestrial communication stations along the Argentine coast to carry out a preliminary and extended search of communications and to listen in to all the possible frequencies of the submarine," the navy said in a statement Friday.

The vessel had been traveling from far southern Argentina's Tierra del Fuego archipelago to its home base in Mar del Plata, a coastal city hundreds of miles to the northeast.

"The submarine knows that if it does not have communication with land for this long, it has to surface," Balbi said.
I hope there is a good outcome with this search....."Subsmash" will be in effect no doubt
I CAN imagine the horror of being on a sinking sub. I do hope that all is well.

The Argentine navy is conducting a search..

Argentina’s navy has launched a huge search-and-rescue operation for a military submarine with 44 crew members that has been missing off the coast of Patagonia for more than two days.

The last radio contact with the San Juan submarine was on Wednesday, when it was 430km off the coast of the southern province of Chubut, in the area of San Jorge bay, a naval spokesman said on Friday.

The spokesman, Enrique Balbi, told local television that as there was no indication of problems from the submarine, it could not yet be termed lost.

“The latest official and reliable information is that the submarine has not yet been found. It’s not that it’s lost: to be lost you’d have to look for it – and not find it,” he said. A tracker aeroplane and navy ships were scouring the area in search of the missing vessel, he said.

An initial search in an area around the sub’s last known position, about 430km off the south-eastern Valdés peninsula, provided no clues.

Balbi said an initial search was hampered “because it was carried out at night and in bad meteorological conditions prevailing in the area of operations”.

The three navy ships and two aircraft flying rotations had “already swept 15% of the search area”, Balbi told reporters.

The vessel had not activated its emergency beacon, he said.

The navy denied a press report that there may have been a fire onboard.

“We are investigating the reasons for the lack of communication,” Balbi said. “If there was a communication problem, the boat would have to come to the surface.”

The diesel-powered 66-metre-long Class TR 1700 San Juan is one of the Argentinian navy’s three submarines. It was bought from Germany in 1985 and underwent a refit between 2007 and 2014 to extend its usefulness by 30 years.

It was on a voyage from the southernmost city of Ushuaia to the naval base of Mar del Plata when contact was lost.

Adm Gabriel González, chief of the Mar del Plata base, said the vessel had sufficient food and oxygen. “We have a loss of communications; we are not talking of an emergency,” he said.

Relatives of some of the crew members were at the base awaiting word of the search.

“We are praying to God and asking that all Argentinians help us to pray that they keep navigating and that they can be found,” said Claudio Rodríguez, whose brother is a crew member.

“We have faith that it’s only a loss of communications,” he told local television.

Among those onboard is Argentina’s first female submarine officer, Eliana Krawczyk, a 35-year-old weapons officer.

“Let us pray that nothing has happened to any crew member. At sea they are all brothers, and a submarine carries more risk than a ship,” her father, Eduardo, told Todo Noticias TV.

The governments of the US, UK and Chile have offered satellites and ships to aid in the search, according to Argentina’s foreign ministry.
At sea they are all brothers
I too hope all is well

True.. a sailor is a sailor and all who sail will help each other.

Last I check the search is still going on.

The Argentine navy is stepping up its search in the South Atlantic for a 44-crew submarine that has been out of radio contact for three days.
President Mauricio Macri said all national and international resources were being deployed to help find the San Juan as quickly as possible.
A NASA research plane has joined the search for the vessel.
Britain and countries in the region have offered help after it disappeared 430km (267 miles) off the coast.
"We have not been able to find, or have visual or radar communication with the submarine," navy spokesman Enrique Balbi told a news conference.
U.S. Navy to Deploy Undersea Rescue Capabilities to Argentina

NAVAL STATION MAYPORT, Fla. (NNS) -- The U.S. Navy has ordered its Undersea Rescue Command (URC) based in San Diego, Calif., to deploy to Argentina, Nov. 18 to support the South American nation's ongoing search for the Argentinean Navy submarine A.R.A. San Juan in the Southern Atlantic.

URC is deploying two independent rescue assets based on a number of factors, including the varying depth of ocean waters near South America's southeastern coast and the differing safe operating depths of the two rescue systems.

Three U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster III and one U.S. Air Force C-5 Galaxy aircraft will transport the first rescue system, the Submarine Rescue Chamber (SRC) and underwater intervention Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) from Miramar to Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina. The four aircraft are scheduled to depart Miramar Nov. 18 and arrive in Argentina Nov. 19.

The second rescue system, the Pressurized Rescue Module (PRM) and supporting equipment will be transported via additional flights and is scheduled to arrive in Argentina early next week.

The SRC is a McCann rescue chamber designed during World War II and still used today. SRC can rescue up to six persons at a time and reach a bottomed submarine at depths of 850 feet. The PRM can submerge up to 2,000 feet for docking and mating, with a submarine settled on the ocean floor up to 45-degree angle in both pitch and roll. The PRM can rescue up to 16 personnel at a time. Both assets are operated by two crewmembers and mate with the submarine by sealing over the submarine's hatch allowing Sailors to safely transfer to the rescue chamber.

The URC Sailors deploying with the rescue systems are highly trained on its use and routinely exercise employing the advanced technology in submarine rescue scenarios.

The U.S. government is supporting a request from the government of Argentina for international assistance to the ongoing search for the missing submarine and possible rescue opportunities once the vessel and crew are located.

A Navy P-8A Poseidon multi-mission maritime aircraft and a NASA P-3 research aircraft are already in Argentina assisting ongoing search efforts near the submarine's last known location.
Royal Navy assist in search for missing Argentine submarine

The Royal Navy has deployed an ice patrol ship to help search for an Argentinian submarine that is missing with 44 people on board.

Contact with the Argentine military sub ARA San Juan was lost three days ago.

Ships and aircraft have been scrambled to search for the vessel in the southern Argentine Sea, but the search efforts have been disrupted by a storm.

Powerful winds and waves up to six metres (20ft) high have made exploration exceptionally difficult, according to Argentine navy spokesman Enrique Balbi.

The Argentine navy anticipates the poor conditions to continue through to Sunday afternoon, according to a Reuters report.
Signals from missing sub bring hope of rescue..

BUENOS AIRES — Argentina’s Defense Ministry said Saturday night that it had detected seven communication attempts throughout the day from an Argentine Navy submarine with 44 crew members aboard that has been missing since Wednesday.

“We received seven signals from satellite calls that originated from the San Juan submarine,” the defense minister, Oscar Aguad, wrote on Twitter. “We are working hard to locate it and we are transmitting hope to the families of the 44 crew members: that they’ll soon be able to have them in their homes.”

The Defense Ministry said it is working in with an American company that specializes in satellite communication to determine the exact location of the signals.

“This changes everything,” said Fernando Morales, a Navy expert and vice president of the Argentine Navy League. “It’s a very hopeful sign because it suggests at least several crew members are alive.”

In order to carry out the communications attempt, the submarine had to be close enough to the surface of the water to take out its antenna, explained Mr. Morales.

“It should move along relatively quickly now,” Mr. Morales said, characterizing the communication attempts as the first optimistic news since reports of the missing submarine began transfixing Argentina on Friday morning.

A United States Navy aircraft, a NASA airplane and a British Royal Navy ice patrol ship on Saturday joined the search for the missing submarine, the ARA San Juan.

The search was hindered by strong winds in waters off Argentina’s Patagonia, where the submarine was believed to be stranded, officials said. A day after playing down the severity of the situation, Argentine officials on Saturday signaled growing concern as they welcomed all international assistance.

“Detection has proved to be difficult despite the number of boats and aircraft,” Capt. Enrique Balbi, a spokesman for the Argentine Navy, said in a televised interview Saturday. “Waves are of approximately six meters” — about 20 feet — “which makes it much more difficult.”

The Argentine Navy is “accepting all possible or necessary help” in order to “not discard any hypothesis,” Captain Balbi said, noting that search teams had scoured about half of the area where they believed the submarine could be.

President Mauricio Macri went on Twitter Friday night to say that his administration was “committed to using all the national and international resources necessary to find the submarine ARA San Juan as soon as possible.”
The last confirmed location of the German-built ARA San Juan was 432 km (268 miles) off Argentina’s southern Atlantic coast early on Wednesday.

argentine submarine lost at sea.jpg
Its not looking good I fear, my thoughts and prayers to the crewmen and their families

Here are some photos of the submarine

PHOTO: The ARA San Juan had only enough oxygen to last seven days if submerged. (Argentina Navy)

san juan001.jpg

And a tribute

san juan flag argentine.jpg
Argentina's navy is investigating reports of a loud noise detected a few hours after a submarine went missing.

The ARA San Juan disappeared last Wednesday with 44 people on board.

A spokesman called the noise a "hydro-acoustic anomaly" and would not confirm whether there had been an explosion.

Captain Enrique Balbi said the situation was getting critical and "concern is growing more and more" amid fears oxygen on board is close to running out.

One crew member's sister said: "I feel like I'm waiting for a corpse."

Elena Alfaro, who was waiting alongside other family members at the Mar del Plata naval base, told TN news network: "I feel like I'm at a wake. I also feel time passing and time is crucial."

NB: If it's true that the sub made a signal about the batteries "short circuiting"then there is a very real possibility of chlorine poisoning. The weather in the area has been particularly foul and the sub may have been driven down by the weather. I hate to say it but I believe the ships company may have succumbed days ago. The Argentine Navy by all current reports has no idea where "San Juan"may be.

My thoughts and prayers are with my brothers of the sea :(
BBC have just reported that a noise detected was consistent with an explosion and thoughts are that it may be linked to a report from the submarine (last communication) about an electrical issue .
Hopes Dashed, Relatives of Argentine Submarine Crew Turn to Grief and Anger
For more than a week, as the days passed with little news, relatives of 44 sailors aboard an Argentine Navy submarine that went missing on Nov. 15 hoped for a miracle.
On Thursday morning came the crushing news: An explosion had been recorded deep in the Atlantic Ocean near where the submarine was traveling, only a few hours after the vessel’s last communication. Some relatives fainted. Some screamed at the naval officers. Others sobbed loudly.
There was also anger. Families said the navy had mismanaged the situation by waiting to start a full-scale search and by dangling reports of
possible satellite phone calls from the ship, which turned out to be false. Perhaps worst of all, they said, Argentina had let its military degrade to the point of recklessness..........
The title of this video insinuates that the search for the missing sub is the video. I don't think the search is over.

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I fear the worst.
I feel deeply for the families and the souls lost. God bless you sub mariners. GBNF

Navy Hymn...(first stanza)

Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea!
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