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  1. BravoZulu
    A German Type VII U-Boat returning home
  2. BravoZulu
    Highlights of the 2006 Yankee Air Museum 'Thunder Over Michigan' Airshow This very nice naval formation flight with the Corsair and the Skyhawk is an appropriate matchup, since both aircraft...
  3. BravoZulu
    The original tags, title and description are incorrect. The image is of USS Tennessee, class leader of which USS North Carolina was one. Tags/titles/description changed
  4. BravoZulu
    [IMG] http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-t/acr10.htm [IMG]United States Name: Tennessee (1903-1916) Memphis (1916) Namesake: State of Tennessee City of Memphis, Tennessee...
  5. BravoZulu
    Members of the German Waffen-SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 4 “Der Führer" Division, drive through Amsterdam near the Royal Palace.
  6. BravoZulu
    Complete image can be seen here: [IMG] https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/aircrafts-2-3/os2u/formation-of-kingfishers-during-atlantic-patrol/
  7. BravoZulu
    British women at work during World War I. During World War I, large numbers of women were recruited into jobs vacated by men who had gone to fight in the war. New jobs were also created as part of...
  8. BravoZulu
    Colour version: [IMG]
  9. BravoZulu
    The Australian light armoured vehicle (ASLAV) is manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems Australia for the Royal Australian Army. It is derived from the LAV-25 light armoured vehicle. ASLAV...
  10. BravoZulu
    US Marine Private Kenneth R. Hoger has decorated his knapsack flamethrower with a "hot moma" a.k.a "Miss Spirfire" to jive with the purpose of the flamethrower. The Marine was en route to Iwo...
  11. 633 squadron
  12. Bombardier
    In colour [IMG]
  13. BravoZulu
    817 Squadron was a Royal Australian Navy Fleet Air Arm squadron. It was originally formed as part of the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm for service during World War II and took part in combat...
  14. BravoZulu
    HMAS Manoora (L 52) was a Kanimbla-class landing platform amphibious ship operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Originally built for the United States Navy (USN) as the Newport-class tank...
  15. BravoZulu
    Traditionally Canadian armoured vehicle crews often preferred to wear only their black berets, crewman in front of a RAM tank

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