Red cavalryman in a chemical protection suit. 1930s.

Full Cavalier of the Order of Glory, commander of the engineering reconnaissance platoon of the 598th separate sapper battalion of the 314th rifle division (59th Army, 1st Ukrainian Front) Junior Sergeant Ivan Terentyevich Chertkov with a PPS submachine gun. April 1945.

On September 13, 1944, Nikolai Andreevich Sapunov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union for his courage, courage and heroism in the struggle against the German fascist invaders.

On February 6, 1944, during the Korsun-Shevchenko operation, in a battle near the village of Valyava (Gorodishchensky district, Cherkasy region), the Germans attacked Soviet positions with an infantry battalion, five tanks and three self-propelled guns. A platoon of 45 mm guns Nikolai Sapunov fired at the enemy. After the death of the crew of one gun, Sapunov personally began to shoot from the cannon, the enemy was at a distance of 30-40 meters. Nikolai Sapunov personally knocked out 2 self-propelled guns, smashed three heavy machine guns, and destroyed up to a company of Germans. During the day, the enemy tried to attack seven times, but Sapunov did not abandon his cannon. Later, Soviet troops went on the offensive and captured the village of Valyava.

T-20? Passing in review.
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T20 has a double set of centre wheels - that's only got a single

Update * Possibly Red Square 1935

"Pioneer" ' Soviet light artillery tractor , 1935​

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New one for me :)
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Mostly an aviation photoset this time.

FW-200 under new management

Il-2 Shturmoviks

He-111 going down in flames

MiG3 base

Night mission

Formation of Yak-9 (I think)

Lend Lease A20 attacking with torpedoes

Destroyed German air field somewhere in Crimea

Fuel for Shturmoviks

Bombing up a PE-2. Notice the draft animals.

I'm not sure what type this is - pic is from early in the war.


Bombing a rail yard

Got the replacement motor on and running!
Sergeant Savelyev of the 1229th Infantry Regiment of the 371st Infantry Division of the 30th Army of the Kalinin Front examines the captured German anti-tank gun PaK 38. A captured gun under the command of Sergeant Savelyev destroyed 5 German tanks.

July 28, 1942.

Remains of a Soviet officer discovered by archaeologists this year. The Russian commander Suvorov said: "The war will end only when the last fallen soldier is buried." The search movement aimed at finding and burying the dead Soviet soldiers appeared in the USSR back in the 1940s. It turns out to be a great success if you can find the descendants of the deceased. But most of the remains to date, unfortunately, cannot be identified.


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