Tank Destroyer, 51 Army
Photo: Leonid Isaakovich Yablonsky

Artillerymen of one of the Red Army rifle divisions operating in the Voronezh direction in 1942

Equipped with a 76 mm shelf. divisional guns F-22 and 122 mm. howitzers model 1910/1930, for the transportation of which horse-drawn traction was used.

Red Army soldiers look at an imperial bronze eagle knocked off the wall of the new imperial chancellery in Berlin. The eagle, made by sculptor Kurt Schmid-Ehmen, was above the entrance to the Ehrenhof Chancellery

"When the war ended, my 9th brigade was stationed in Linz. They seized a huge number of German cars: trucks, cars - all sorts of things. I was the chief of the technical unit and I was ordered to go to the brigade and take away the cars for the needs of the regiment. I arrived there on May 9 , my acquaintance, the deputy battalion commander for technical matters, Max Ivanov, meets me: "Come on, F*** these cars, sit down, have a drink with the Americans. Then you will go."

And they already have Americans, there is a barrel of trophy alcohol - everything is ready to celebrate the Victory. I say: “If I drink, I’ll get drunk and I won’t choose anything. I will choose, then I will come and have a drink." Let's go choose. We hear a cry - noise. We come running - and they are lying there, foaming at the mouth, some have already died, some have gone blind. It turns out that the barrel contained methyl alcohol antifreeze. The soldiers got drunk on this antifreeze and began to die. Eighteen Americans and twenty-two of ours were killed. After the war..."

Polyanovsky Yuri Maksimovich, tanker (From the book by Artyom Drabkin "I fought in the T-34")

In the photo: The meeting of the Soviet and American units at the bridge over the river Ens in the Liezen area, Austria.


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