Before the appearance of Che Guevara's photo, this photo is perhaps the coolest photo of a communist partisan. Ivan Dmitrievich Dmitriev, secretary of the Luga regional party committee before the war, head of the Luga underground and partisan detachment during the war. Budenovka, a pipe, a fashionable beard and an MP-28 submachine gun, clearly taken in battle from the dogs from the German field gendarmerie. Wrote cult memoirs "Notes of Comrade D".

While I was busy with moving to a new apartment and renovating, this forum thread was completely empty. We need to fix it little by little. Now I will unload something interesting from the "Motherland's reserves."

The remains of a nurse and a soldier found by search engines. It can be seen that the wounded man leaned on the girl's shoulder and clamped the wound in the abdomen; a hairpin was preserved on the woman's skull. Most likely, when she was carrying a wounded soldier, they were killed by a nearby explosion. The two died and were found 75 years later

The soldiers of the company of Lieutenant Mavryutov are crossing the river. 1943 A military correspondent made a drawing out of this photograph with the help of retouching.

A very rare photo - Soviet partisans convince the Vlasovites (collaborators, Soviet prisoners who went to serve in the Russian Liberation Army of General Vlasov) to go over to their side. Defectors could usually "clear" their conscience only by running away to the partisans - the regular military units of the Red Army usually did not take them prisoner. I have heard several stories of traitors who were caught being tied to pillars by the side of the road so that anyone passing by could hit them.

Vivid footage of Marines from the 8th Marine Brigade in between battles. Marines often indulged in facial "hair" such as stubble, mustache, or beard. It was considered a kind of "naval" chic in front of ordinary infantry. Sevastopol. 1941

Some fighters have seen the SVT-40 self-loading automatic rifles. Compared to the Mosin rifle, it was much more "capricious" and therefore not very popular in the regular infantry, but the Marines loved this gun. "SVT is like a girl - take care of her and she will never refuse you"

German soldiers take prisoners of the Red Army, who were traveling in a GAZ-AA truck. Mariupol, Artem street (now Kuindzhi street). Probably in the picture are soldiers of the SS brigade "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler". October 8, 1941

Luftwaffe soldiers from KG.54 play with a captured 76mm 1936 divisional cannon (F-22). The first photo shows the T-26 tank of the 1939 model, from the 68th tank regiment of the 34th tank division of the 8th mechanized corps

German press photo. "Minsk, 52,000 Soviet prisoners". So much resentment and anger on their faces. The officer on the left, if I remember correctly, was retouched to illustrate Der Untermensch from 1942. A good example of selective propaganda


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