Artillery unit with 152-mm ML-20 howitzers. 1944, 2nd baltic front.




Early model T-34s, late fall or early Spring. I think the source on this one is wrong.
Quite possible mate, very limited info on the image available and only 1 source puts it at Kursk
Soviet soldiers of the 322nd Rifle Division liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp on Jan 27, 1945. The camp was liberated in January 1945, the inmates were fed, medical treatment provided and they then re-staged the events of liberation some months later in March-April 1945

"You are free, comrades!" But they did not respond, so he tried in Russian, Polish, German, Ukrainian. Then he used some Yiddish: "They think that I am provoking them. They begin to hide. And only when I said to them: 'Do not be afraid, I am a colonel of Soviet Army and a Jew. We have come to liberate you' ... Finally, as if the barrier collapsed ... they rushed toward us shouting, fell on their knees, kissed the flaps of our overcoats, and threw their arms around our legs."
Georgii Elisavetskii, one of the first Red Army soldiers to enter the camp

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