This seems to be an "Acht-Acht" mounted on an SdKfz 9 (12 ton halftrack).

A mass burial is always poignant. this instance it was cynically staged-managed by the Nazis by way of a propaganda exercise to whip up hatred against the Allied "Terrorfliegers."
Munich, 1944.
During the ceremony the crowd was addressed by leading Nazis who seemed to conveniently forget that it was their Luftwaffe which had started the aerial warfare ball rolling when they blitzed the cities and populations of Warsaw, London, Coventry, Stalingrad. Leningrad, Rotterdam....
As Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris said, " They sowed the wind and now they are going to reap the whirlwind."
(LIFE / Hugo Jaeger)

In the background is General Erwin Rommel in his SdKfz 250/3 command half-track "Greif" whilst his officers consult a map ahead of the final assault on Tobruk, June 1942.
Note the burlap cover over the stahlhelm on the right.

German tanks, nearly all of the pictures were taken on the "Ostfront", there is one, with Panthers on it that was taken during the "Battle of the Bulge", another one I am not sure about.

German Raketenpanzerbüchse 54, acronym RPzB 54, 8.8 cm AT rocket launcher. Nicknamed "Panzerschreck" (tank fright) or "Ofenrohr" (stove pipe).

WW 2, the Unusual Fw-189 Uhu – The Flying Eye of the Luftwaffe.
The Fw 189 Uhu (Eagle Owl), a twin engine tactical reconnaissance aircraft nicknamed the ‘Flying Eye’.

Battle of Bzura, September 1939. Polish counter-attack that made initial gains but was thrown back, ending in defeat. Poland was counting on a French invasion of western Germany, as the French had promised. The superbly-equipped French army invaded 8km then stopped, instead of striking deep into virtually defenceless western Germany.


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