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The UH-1 first saw service in combat operations during the Vietnam War, with around 7,000 helicopters deployed.

Preparation for takeoff - the arming area at Phan Rang Air Base, Vietnam, 1971. The arming crew pulls out the red safety pins in the bomb racks, so the bombs can be dropped. The arming crew also pulls cables which arm the guns by putting rounds into firing position - from then on, there is no safety - the 20 mm cannons will fire whenever the pilot pulls the trigger.

"Wilson Rockets" - Larry Burrows' iconic photo of a US Marine wading through a river, just tom the south of the DMZ, in October 1966. Unfortunately I haven't found out the name of the Marine. According to the caption in the book "LIFE at War" he was MIA just twelve days later.

This is the only caption I found online:

Within feet of the DMZ and at constant risk of ambush, a mortar-equipped marine wades through another of the rivers and streams that combined with the hot, jungled, and mountainous terrain to make maneuvering on this operation such tough going. At times the marines would call in air strikes to open a path or clear a landing area. October 1966.​

On the left is French Canadian Johnny Boucher.
The story my dad has above this picture:
French Canadian, Boucher, our first replacement machinegunner was working in the States when notified by the US government to report for induction into the American Army or his work visa would be revoked. I told him to look at the bright side, he'd get his old job back. He didn't want it. His old job in Connecticut? Working for the Colt Arms Company ... test firing machineguns.

My dad says while chuckling, "Boucher was the only man I know whose MOS matched his civilian job."

“An estimated 12,000 Canadians served in combat roles in Vietnam. Pictured in a 1968 CBC News story are three Canadians: Ron Payne of Galt, Ont., Richard Dextraze of Montreal and Arthur Fisher of Niagara Falls, Ont. The men served in the same U.S. marines unit. (CBC)”


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