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@RobertKLR as you were a member of TheMess.Net and they have stated they will be closing down I have created a user banner on your profile 'TheMess' we did this for our After Action Review members too. Anybody migrating from the TheMess can have this banner too, it is a nod to your previous online community.

Respect Mil-smile01
Hello everyone, I have heard of this site before when reading TheMess, alas this forum is closing down and I’m asking refugee status around here.

I’m 30s something living in W. Europe

My name on TheMess was Jake, which is already taken here so...

Hi All,

Former MP.Net and The Mess member........... I think your about to be hit with a flood.

From New Zealand
Have not served, but have always been interested in Military equipment etc.
I'm currently a member of a re-enactment group focusing on 6pdr Anti tank gun and 25pdr.
Hi , another themess refugee . Posted under the same name before . Generally into politics and current events , sadly I'm non military , civilian only . Thanks for accepting my application to join .
For our new Mess members if you do not want to show your country flag you can turn it off in your privacy settings


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