Funny The things Kids say.

Derrick Stephenson

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Feb 7, 2004
What I'm looking for People, is not jokes as such, but genuine things you have heard your Kids or Grandkids say, which will give our Members a chuckle.
For example, our family were watching a nature programme on T.V., and I noticed our Daughter was fascinated by a film of a cow suckling a calf. She asked what was going on, and my Wife explained that all mother mammals fed their young with milk from the breast.
Jayne looked very thoughtful, and said, 'Aren't we mammals, Mam?'
Sue said, 'Yes we are.', and Jayne said, 'Did you feed me like that when I was a baby?'
Sue said, 'Yes, I did,' and Jayne said, 'What, when you were a cow, Mam?'
I heard this one off an add on TV and as I yet have no kids of my own it is the best I can do

A youngster is sat in the kitchen with his pregant mum.
he asks her did daddy give you your baby mummy
yes she says looking at him
he finnishs what he is doing and goes out side to where his dad is working in the garden
and says daddy you know that baby you gave mummy
his dad says "yes"
he says "well she has eaten it" viki;

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