Slovakian UH-60M

In August 2020, training of members of the 5th Special Forces Regiment focused on alternative landing and boarding methods by the UH-60 M Black Hawk helicopter
On March 9, the Ministry of Defense of Slovakia announced the commencement of the purchasing procedure in the program of new tracked infantry fighting vehicles, which will replace the approximately 177 units used in the BVP-1, BVP-2 and BVP-M types.
On the same day, the first potential bidder - the German company Rheinmetall - was presented at the training ground of the VTSÚ technical institute in Záhorie.


AG with the KF41 Lynx bwp, previously purchased by Hungary and offered, among others in the Czech republic.
" When you promise your girlfriend that you will no longer meet your love MiG-29UBS and the girlfriend suddenly appear at the airport "
, MiG-29UBS with technicians Slovak Air Force...

On March 25, the Israeli company IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) announced that representatives of the defense ministries of Israel and Slovakia signed an agreement under which it will provide the armed forces of Slovakia (Ozbrojené sily Slovenskej Republiky) with 17 triple-coordinate radars of three types. The Israeli offer was selected on December 15, 2020, and negotiations on this matter began on January 13, 2021. Slovakia will become the third user, after the Czech Republic and Hungary, of the multi-task three-coordinate radar stations from the ELM-2084 family. The contract covers the delivery in 2023-2025 of a batch of three-coordinate radar stations for detecting airborne targets: six ELM-2084MS, five ELM-2084S and six ELM-2138M. The devices will be delivered by IAI's subsidiary Elta Systems

It also provides for technology and know-how transfer as well as industrial cooperation with the Letecké opravovne Trenčín (LOTN) company, which supports the operation and repair of aircraft of the Slovak Armed Forces. The more compact ELM-2138M radars are primarily used to detect missiles, mortars and artillery (Counter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar, C-RAM)


The new radars will replace 24 devices: P-37MSK dual-coordinate radars (index GRAU 1RL139, in NATO Bar Lock code), three-coordinate radars SZT-68MSK (also marked as 36D6; index GRAU19ZS6, in NATO Tin Shield code), PRW-17 Linejka altimeters (index GRAU 1RL-141, in the NATO Odd Group code) and the RL-4AMMorad-L dual-coordinate mobile radar of Czechoslovak and Soviet production. Israeli radars will provide 24/7 air traffic control (ATC) and a continuous air surveillance (ASP) over Slovakia as part of the NATO Integrated Air and Missile Defense Command System (NATINAMDS). Equally important, it will significantly strengthen the security of the European Union's external borders under the Schengen Agreement.
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