Other Post Modeling Events in the Czech Republic.

The first event I would like to introduce you to is Modellbrno. It takes place every two years in the capital of South Moravia in Brno. At the exhibition center, it is a larger gathering of modelers from Central Europe and the surrounding area.


Flags of participants

There was something to admire and to spend money for models, accessories, colors, etc.

say what you like about the size of the Czech republic but they have a vibrant model kit pedigree/culture with companies like Eduard and Model-Scene among others
Modelfest Šumperk.
There were tooking part another modeling event in the Czech Republic. This one was a Modelfest in Sumperk, small city in northern Czechia. It was in local communiti center, it was one day event. There were more than 400 models on display. Here you are some photos from that event.

The wild board of Žamberk.

Another modeling competition took place on 19.10. 2019 in Žamberk. In the premises of a former textile factory. Where is the Museum of Old Machines and Technologies today. In addition to models were seen various steam engines.


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