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what do you think about games being used to train for combat. i think that men and woman should be trained old way, because it was better training.
I remember shooting in a small gallery with the 7.62 - .22 conversion on my SLR (I think anyway) and we were firing onto a screen of some sort like in a movie theatre. We had to shoot bad guys who ran across the place in what appeared to be a jungle setting and an urban setting. If you hit the targets the film stopped. Highly unrealistic but good fun! That would have been '84 ish. Highland Sniper and Sparky are the shooting experts as far as I can gather so they'd be able to tell me what I'm blithering about.
I think the video game idea is good for reactions (ever seen a fighter pilot play an arcade game?) but there's no substitute for getting smelly, dirty and hands on!
Yes done that too zofo, it was a heckler n koch .22 coversion kit. I did it prior to my first tour of Northern Ireland.

Agreed.....best training is Hands on baby yeah!!!!! :mrgreen:
I thought it was but was non too sure about the H & K bit - thought I'd look a bit silly if it wasn't! How did that kit work anyway, I'm damned if I remember?
well, from what I remember it had a smaller .22 barrel that slid into the orginal, smaller working parts a new top slide (could be wrong bout dat though) converted magazine. All of which made it work like normal, if I remember rightly it had to be cocked manually because the smaller calibre didnt provide enough gas pressure to push the working parts back.

I will obviously stand corrected :roll: :p
We have a new one that I was able to shoot on during a retirement ceremony. It's computerized but uses the real weapons from the 9mm pistol up to the Mk19 grenade launcher. What makes it realistic is after shooting say a magazine of ammo, you have to reload in order to keep shooting. The enemy keeps coming just like the real thing, until you knock them down. It is operated on a squad and platoon level.
sounds like fun eagle :mrgreen:
Oh, believe me. It was! The weapons even recoiled and sounded like the real thing.

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