Video Video sent to we T-Birds that were in contact quite a few years ago


Mi Captain
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Mar 17, 2023
Our T-Bird 6 for some time and also my pilot quite often, Don Nelson who went on to retire as a full colonel. The resolution is pretty bad but at the time I moved one large DVD to smaller sections so I could post them online, and my computer was not the best in the world. I do have much better gear today and maybe one day I will just redo the video but I really don't have a big incentive to do so since I have no one left to give it to anyway. It is a very interesting video for those that have never been down close to the Vietnam War. Don started with his Fort Wolters training and ended with a missing man formation that I happen to be in, my ship was the lead ship which lost one of our friends and pilots in an early morning insertion. But I will post them here since I have them on dropbox for a long time. I would use youtube but of course youtube is sailed by all the scumbag lawyers that think all the music in the world belongs to someone even if the artist died 60 years ago.
Great video's you have there @OldGuy , thanks for making them available (Y)

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