Mil News Regiment piles pressure on Mirror


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Feb 29, 2004
The regiment pictured allegedly abusing an Iraqi says "overwhelming evidence" shows the photos are fake.
The Queen's Lancashire Regiment told a press conference the Daily Mirror must apologise for publishing the pictures and endangering British troops.

Colonel David Black said: "It is time the ego of one editor is measured against the life of a soldier."

The Sun newspaper has offered a £50,000 reward for "information about the fake Mirror photos."

In a news conference in Preston on Friday afternoon, the regiment demonstrated to reporters the aspects of uniform and equipment which it said proved the photographs were fake.

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Piers Morgan is a scumbag of the lowest order - i'd like to see the QLR drag him and his lamentable rag through the High Court and win a huge sum to go to a Gulf Wat charity.
just been anounced on the news he uzi, gone from the mirror HURRY.

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