Article RAF Bombing Raid on Krefeld 22th June 1943.

Halo @904safc ; Thank you for your message I read now and yes I have 1 picture of you Uncle Hird, for the rest I do not have pictures or they are not of a too good quality. Maybe you still have better pictures that can help me to give these airmen a face again.
The photos I have are of a not too good quality I hope you have better.
You can also send me a personal email with the data and the photos for which my heartfelt thanks. Because they can not be forgotten.


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Hallo everyone;
Here a message to everyone but certainly to Matzos. My search for data and photos of the fallen pilots at our cemetery, the search progresses very steadily. I am still looking for this and hope through this medium whether there is anyone else who could help me with this.
Thank you very much.


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