Yep Yep yep!, i did time as squaddie and as Civ Pop (civilian population). What a place. Apparently we were not supposed to have the place to train for N.I, the germans thought we were training for FIBUA.
Funny you should mention this though coz I was looking around for images of Tin City on the Internet the other day, unsuccesfully though

I used to love the Helo Insertions and Extractions, WHAT A BUZZ!!!

Found some photos of Tin City and created an album for those interested

Went there for an OPTAG package ahead of a Bosnia deployment in the late 90s and it hadn't changed much.

I think I was the first bootneck they'd ever seen there...
When i went in 92 we were at St Angelo Camp in Enniskillen, we had bootnecks in the camp with us think it was 42 but could be wrong .
I meant booties in Sennelager - no shortage of us in the Province!

It was 42 then, although happily I'd escaped before that :)
Ahh of course, yes we saw very little of the Bootnecks in Senny :)
I don't know if I should start my own thread or add to this one. If I should, I will gladly start a fresh one.

I served in N Ireland from 1992 to 1995 at NIEW, the electronic workshops. It was a little mundane until we got to go out to the towers to install / remove certain surveillance items. That was also my first time flying in a Lynx, from Bessbrook to Crossmaglen then to G40. Tak about making a pratt of yourself whooping when the Lynx dropped from 3000ft to the deck and popped over the fence at Crossmaglen, then realise all eyes are on you :)

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