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Mar 6, 2018

In the series: What if........

If in August 1991, Gorbachev died of a heart attack (slightly helped by a bullet in the heart, but it is just a lost detail of the History) and if Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin did not climb a tank in Moscow but another personality and if the coup succeeded.......

Northern Fury is the first in a series describing what World War III could have been in 1994. This volume started slowly with the coup d'état in 1991 and continued until the end of the first hour of the conflict.

It is a work worthy of Red Storm by Tom Clancy, I would even say that it is better in the sense that we understand the reason for the war (nothing is all white or all black). The first part of the book is more oriented towards the design and evolution of the plan of attack, NATO's questions of the Soviet intents - attack or not -.
We follow different characters (a US Marines colonel, a group of JTF-2 operators, members of the spetsnaz, paratroopers, Soviet naval officers)..... the second, as said above, the first hour of the conflict (I will not tell you where it start to leave the surprise).

There are still some errors in the book (locations, acronyms and typography - in the latter case it is the spelling checker that is probably involved) but they quickly went back to the 2 authors (they are officers in the US Army for one and in the Canadian Army for the other; so not super specialists on the air and naval side but the OOB of the time are very well respected).

One of the authors is the designer of the Northern Fury campaign on CMNAO.

Two other volumes are in preparation, one in the Caribbean and the other in the Indian Ocean.
Here is the blog of the series.


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