Photos Hasegawa F-4Ej /72 (Old Tool) with Target Dart


The Glue Sniffer
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Apr 9, 2019
Hi Guys,

My recent project an old tool Hasegawa F-4EJ, the kit had lots of problem from fit to gaps and need some dedication, the biggest problem was aligning the air intake, and I can't sand much either as the details have already worn out a little sanding the details would go away. I added some cockpit details with some resin seat and borrowed part from elsewhere, I used some plastic card to fill the gap and sanded it, it is not perfect but I am okay with it, the greatest attraction of the kit was price. For marking I choose 37-8321 Mitshubishi F-4EJ of 304 Hikotai, carrying the RMU-10A reel pod with the TDU-10B target tug. Marking in high visibility orange. The squadron marking was almost gone so I masked and painted it. Also, I got a nice F-4EJ reference book and helped me out a lot.
So here it is, thank you for looking, cheers

It looks great in that high visibility paint, but an F-4 looks great in almost any color :)

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