military model

  1. Milan Mynar

    Photos T-24 HobbyBoss 1/35

    Another piece from my archive, a model of the Soviet T-24 medium tank. Built from a HobbyBoss kit. A simple and hassle-free kit.
  2. Milan Mynar

    Photos Krupp L3H163 ICM 1/35

    A model of a German truck built from an ICM kit. The kit is of good quality, it assembled very well for me, without any problems.
  3. Milan Mynar

    Photos T-80BV Zvezda 1/35

    This is my new project. The model is originally from the Dragon company, packed in a box from the Zvezda company. With all the pros and cons. The pros are relatively few parts, the lack of a drive wheel needs to be extended.
  4. Erik W

    Photos M1A2 SEPv2 w/CROWS II LP - 1/72 scale kitbash

    What started out as what I thought would be a quick build has turned into a multi-month project. This is the Flyhawk 1/72 scale M1A2 SEP modified to be a v2 version. One of the best detailed and molded kits I’ve built in any scale. I like the looks of the M1A2 SEPv2 with low profile CROWS II...
  5. CorkyM

    Photos USS Missouri (BB-63)

    A build by the Chinese. Distributed by the Franklin Mint in 1999. It was originally owned by a plank owner who was on the ship at the surrender of Japan. He passed away in 2013 in Florida. It comes with a glass frame/cover but not suitable for photography. I am very fortunate to have it. The pin...
  6. The hull monster

    Photos 1/72 Trumpeter SU-152 "White 200"

  7. D

    Photos AMB-S SYRIA

  8. Milan Mynar

    Photos Sd.Kfz. 135 s.W.G. 40 32 cm Stuka zu Fuss RPM 1/35

    Again, something from my archive, from the period when I was building models from RPM, that means different variants of the Lorraine 37L, or Renault UE. Model of a mobile rocket launcher on a lorraine 37L chassis used by the German army as Sd.Kfz. 135. The model is painted with brush.
  9. Connaught Ranger

    Photos T. 34-85 late Winter, early Spring 1945, 1/16 Scale.

    Living in Transylvania, Romania, its been about 20 years since I built a model kit, but, I got interested in a magazine buy it by a part a week 1:16 model of a T. 34-85, the kit was mainly metal, screw together but, I decided not to start the build until I had all the pieces which took over the...
  10. Milan Mynar

    Photos Bischop M.K. I SPG WM Models 1/35

    Hello, I'm presenting something from my archive here. A model of the now non-existent Russian company WM Models. I built it in about 2004, painted with a brush, paint Agama B-15 Desert Yellow 8th Army. He patinated with watercolors. The building itself was not difficult, but it was not the...
  11. CemalPasha

    Photos 1/72 Hasegawa F-104G Starfighter Turkish Airforce

    Via Burak Bedir
  12. T

    Photos "Take'em Down!"

    This is a remake of a previous diorama, together with vehicles from another diorama added to the mix. There is also a newer vehicle added to the diorama to give it more flavor. The reason for this new diorama mixed with the old, is because, the previous one got destroyed. So I came up with this...
  13. tomthounaojam

    Photos 42-97265 "Hells Angel" 8th Air Force 1/72 Academy B-17

    Greetings Folks, My attempt of Hells Angel using Academy kit 1/72, I have seen some awesome models out there hope mine is somewhere closed to it. No the expert and have novice idea of US ww2 plane, apologies if any mistake and hope it can be pass on. Painted using local paints and for metal...
  14. Milan Mynar

    Photos Russo-Balt CSM 1/35

    Today, I start a new project. Russo Balt, a model of an armored car from the First World War. Made by CSM in 1/35 scale. The parts of the model look beautiful in the box.
  15. tomthounaojam

    Photos Hasegawa F-15J Eagle `305SQ 40th Anniversary' special markings 1/72

    Hello Guys, The kit is a generic Hasegawa kit, which is no problem in the building except for some minor parts which require little filling and sanding. But what strikes me or what is conspicuous is the marking when I saw this aircraft 2 years ago I wish someone did it and Hasegawa came out...
  16. tomthounaojam

    Photos Ukrainian Hip Mi-8 digital camo Zvezda 1/72

    Greetings Folks, When I opened the box I found there were some Soviet stars and a few numbers only, so I thought I do something different, and when I was looking for Mi-8 if you type only that you get mobile phone pictures so I added Hip as well after few minutes of scrolling I came a...
  17. Milan Mynar

    Photos 75mm Schneider Mle 1897/38 IBG Models 1/35

    My new project, French gun Schneider Mle 1897/38 in version for motorised units. Once upon a time, the only one model of this cannon was an RPM product. I presnted it here with Lorraine 37L. The IBG Models came up with a new kit. Their kit is more detailed and contains a small sheet of...
  18. tomthounaojam

    Photos Somewhere in Imphal 1944

    Greetings Guys, Ever since I completed the Tamiya 1 Ho Ni 1/35 (really nice kit) self-propelled artillery I didn't know what to do with figures which came with the kit, at that time I was really bad at figure painting. However, during this lockdown with some free time, I tried my luck, and...
  19. tomthounaojam

    Photos Avro Lancaster with homemade Tallboy 1/72

    Greetings, Hope everyone is in good spirit and doing well. I had this Avro Lancaster 1/72 Revell kits but without the decals, I brought it from yard sales so no decals, however, I got a Matchbox decal but sadly it just cracked away. I was on the verge of giving up the model and started...
  20. Milan Mynar

    Photos Canadian Armoured MG Carrier CSM 1/35

    A few days ago I bought this model. It is a model of the interesting armoured vehicle. Models made by CSM are not only interesting, but easy to building.