Photos Hasegawa P-38J Lightning 1/72


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Apr 9, 2019
Hi Guys,

Here is my recent built, the Hasegawa P-38J Lightning in 370th FG, 485TH FS, Maj. Sabo 1944. The kit is a bit dated however, it is was a gift from a good friend Eghui Chew. So, I started last week and thought this will be a fairly simple build. However, it wasn't the biggest challenge was the Canopy, the molding must has aged and the details were less, while masking and tracing it i cut my finger. It was very difficult to trace it as the line was almost invisible and also aligning with the cockpit was also a daunting task at first it looks alright, but later I found there was a gap of .01-02mm, and fixing those at the curved joint was harder than filing typical big gaps. Other than that, the build was smooth, for paint, I use a new black coat, Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 black as a base and it works like a charm and for silver I use Gunze silver and Tamiya and panel modulations with little addition of different colors mostly black. It was tail heavy even after putting weight on the nose and engine so I did trick photography to look it is nose heavy. Hope you like what I have done with the kit. Thank you for looking and any feedback, welcome


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i shipped The adaptor connecter to attach to the air compressors with the air brush ... anyway i love the job you done with the kit
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