Hasegawa A-4E/F


The Glue Sniffer
MI.Net Member
Apr 9, 2019
Hi Guys,

I bought this kit sometime back but never got the chance to built it as I was carried away by other project, However, I started this kit this weekend and it was fairly simple to build. There are some glitches tho, there are so many pin marks and I need to cut it off using sharp knife, some part need filling and sanding and the biggest challenge being the cockpit the, clear part was aligning very well so I have to add some plastic card and make sure the clear part sit, well it is not 100 aligned but I am okay. I painted using Tamiya white, black and light grey, exhaust I used Gunze. I thought of adding weapons but the kit weapon were too simple so I skipped it and the kit itself is bit dated. I choose the Marine markings as it was beautiful. Thank you for looking.

Great work! And say what you will, but those old birds look much better than what we fly today!
Next time to make a Jolly Roger, either F-4 or F-14, thinking thinking!!! Thanks mate