Thanks mate...... But I was wondering based on the cutline that the KSK team was heading out for a "hostage rescue"??
Check out the pictures I posted a couple of days ago; it's part of an exercise.

It's worth mentioning at this point that the jurisdiction is a little bit muddy there. Hostage rescue is only a secondary responsibility of KSK, and only if the incident is unfolding in another country and with the involvement of hostile governments or non-government armed groups. Even abroad, GSG 9 remains the dedicated hostage rescue unit for every scenario involving common criminals, non-militarily organised terrorists or pirates.

KSK will only be called upon if the situation escalates to a point that martial violence rather than the measured approach of law enforcement is required. The model incident that led to KSK's foundation occured in Rwanda in 1994, when German expats found themselves besieged by an armed Hutu mob and the German government had to ask Belgian paratroopers for help.
Marksmanship training for sniper selectees of the Bundeswehr.


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