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A short regional news segment on the last commemorative paint job to grace a C-160 Transall tactical transport, which will retire at last later this year. The aircraft bears a collage of camouflage patterns and colours worn throughout the decades and airbrush scenes of missions and exercises it's taken part in. The bee adorning the fuselage is the mascot of 63rd Transport Wing.
German & Turkish soldiers Galician front
The German Bundeswehr has placed a new order for the cutting-edge MELLS antitank guided missile system with EuroSpike GmbH, a joint venture of Rheinmetall and its partners Diehl Defence and Rafael. Another 666 guided missiles and 82 integrated command and launch units have been called off from the existing framework contract.

@archangelski That's not a test. Germany still has some of those Strelas from former East German army supplies. They are being used for training purposes while Stinger manpads are more or less reserved for combat.
The 9M32 rockets have not expired for further use?

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