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John A Silkstone

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Jul 11, 2004
Bradley Cooper plays Chris Kyle who was a real life Navy SEAL sharp shooter. The story is based on Chris’s autobiography. He is reported to have over 150 confirmed kills. The movie jumps back in time to show different stages of his life and includes time spent with his wife and children.

I'll not say any more so as not to spoil the movie for you.

The film will be reliesed in the UK on the 16 January 2015. Though the move is good I think it could have been a lot better with Clint Eastwood directing it.

I remember Chris Kyle from one episode of Sons Of Guns, and judging from everything I´ve read about him he was one hell of a guy. Saw the movie. And... well. Clint Eastwood directed it and I love his work but this one wasn´t really my cup of tea. Though I cannot say that I´m looking forward to Sully either, Eastwood should, I think, stick to WW2 movies (Letters From Iwo Jima) and biographies (J. Edgar).
Yeah wasn't to excited by the film itself but I have nothing but respect for the subject of the film Chris Kyle

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