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photography WARNING: Fujifilm will not honour warranties when purchased via ebay or paypal

Discussion in 'All Non Military Discussion' started by artistoli, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. artistoli

    artistoli Guest

    Just a quick warning, as I have recently been stung by Fujifilm. Apparantly they will not honour their legally required 12 month warranty when a product has been purchased via ebay. I can understand this when dealing with second hand products, but the camera I purchased was from a shop that was also selling via ebay, and it was in a sealed box. I sent the camera back to get repaired, and enclosed a copy of my paypal recipt as proof-of-purchase.

    But instead of getting a repaired camera back I got a quote of £122 to fix it and £10 p&p. This is for a camera that retails at £150, and only cost me £5 to send back to them via special delivery!

    Also their customer service is very shoddy to say the least. They said that they would honour warranties if the product was purchased from a 'proper' store. When I asked them what constituted a 'proper store', the telephone operator said 'a logo on the recipt'! I mean come on! A logo can be produced by anyone if a few minutes, and is hardly proof of legitimacy; yet they will honour those, but not ebay stores!

    Simple lesson: never buy a product from Fujifilm.
    You have been warned.
  2. Polar Poland

    Polar Mi Staff Sergeant MI.Net Member

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    or E-bay
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