Photos F-4 Phantom II Paradise

Hellenic Air Force F-4E Phantom II

An F-4 Phantom from VF-151 "Vigilantes" falling into the sea after its nose wheel collapsed during launch from the USS Coral Sea. c1970. Thankfully, the crew ejected safely!

F-4J Phantom of VMFA-115 "Silver Eagles" in the special "Bicentennial" markings at MCAS Iwakuni in November 1976. The squadron deployed to Iwakuni in rotation bases at that time. Please note the unusual "Triple Nuts" (OOO) in red/white/blue on the nose. A silver eagle marking painted in silver appeared on the fuselage side.

Production line for the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. A total of 5,195 Phnatoms were produced from 1958 up to 1981, which makes it the most produced American Supersonic aircraft.