Photos Armed Forces Of Sweden


* sirs! We have to collect the casings to legalize the ammunition, the first team to finish goes out to rest for the weekend...what are you laughing at, Nils? Mil-smile01
Interesting it's a new vessel. Look at how beat-up that hull already is.
It's not actually beat up mate, it's called the "oil canning" effect. Flexing of metal plates between the frames under constant changes in temps causes it even on new ships by the time they hit the water.
There is nothing else you can say about that but........ BEAUTIFUL!!! 😍 (Y)

What a lovely plane in flight or on the ground!!

* And where did they find Arne? mil-smile06
* surrounded by a lot of Pripps beer bottles, he still does not accept that Sweden does not play the Eurocup Mil-smile01

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