Upgraded ZSU-23-4M5 of the Algerian army
Upgraded ZSU-23-4M5 of the Algerian army.jpg

The launch of a cruise missile 3M14E against a coastal target from a diesel-electric submarine project 06361 during the Al-Rada naval exercise of the Algerian Navy.
Two different variant of Remote Weapons Stations on the Nimr II Armored Vehicle the UW1 (RCWS) from Norinco and the other from the Spanish eme-es


Gendarmerie Nationale (Algeria) (Friends, is there a copyright problem for those who have emblems or texts on them if I share them here?)​


Gendarmerie Nationale (Algeria) (Friends, is there a copyright problem for those who have emblems or texts on them if I share them here?)​

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No ...no problem share as much as you want for algerian pics

anyway the photos that you shared are about the S.S.I : Sections de Sécurité et d'Intervention / S.S.I: Security and Intervention Sections a Security forces belonging to the algerian national gendarmerie their main role is

The security and intervention sections are means developed by the National Gendarmerie Command to consolidate the system for combating insecurity and violence. Deployed at the wilaya group level. Each Wilaya group can receive one or more security and intervention sections. Depending on the number of areas of insecurity to be monitored and the growth rate of acts of delinquency and banditry. The role assigned to the security and intervention sections is to carry out permanent and continuous security actions in areas where insecurity is rife and there is a proliferation of delinquency and banditry, to maintain order there and to maintain, through their presence, an effect of deterrence. These preventive actions are supplemented by strong interventions adapted to the most unpredictable situations, to protect people and property, restore a disturbed order or annihilate any inclination to attack citizens. And arrest their perpetrators. The exercise of these missions consists of: Carry out surveillance patrols in areas of insecurity and predilection for violence and banditry. Arrest and identify suspicious persons. Control and search suspicious vehicles. Control places likely to harbor illicit activities or constitute refuges for criminal gangs.

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