Question? What is it like being a 46s in the Army National Guard?


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Mar 23, 2021
I have enlisted as a 46s (Public Affairs, Mass Communication Specialist) for the National Guard and will be shipping out to BTC this May.

I would like to know more about the MOS that I have signed up for, especially from those who have experience in the MOS.

Some questions I have:

1. How does this MOS work for the NG, given that the NG is part time?
2. Is it better to go active in the MOS? I heard that there is a high chance to work in the Pentagon if going active.
3. How is the travel, will I be able to go to different states or countries for Public Affairs?
4. I heard the 25m, 25v, and 25r are merging with the 46s, is this true? If so, when does this happen?
5. Does this MOS also involve graphic design, even if minor?
6. How hard is it to go up in rank as a 46s?
7. (for those with exp) What are some of the things you did in this MOS that made you proud to be part of the NG (how can it help others, and serve the country in a good manner)?

Sorry for the amount of questions, and I may have more on the way... thanks to those who answer.

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