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23 Apr 2018
23 Apr 2018


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  1. BravoZulu
    In Finnish service the 2s5 was known as the 152 TELAK 91.
  2. BravoZulu
    The Boeing B-50 Superfortress is an American strategic bomber. A post–World War II revision of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress, it was fitted with more powerful Pratt & Whitney R-4360 radial...
  3. 633 squadron
    its gotta be done!!:)
  4. NebrHogger
    Portable rock crusher making gravel to fill craters in the road.
  5. Bombardier
    Gone but not forgotten, Stand Easy John
  6. BravoZulu
    RIP, rest easy brother
  7. BravoZulu
    The SS-Verfügungstruppe (SS-VT) (English: SS Dispositional Troops) was formed in 1934 as combat troops for the Nazi Party (NSDAP). On 17 August 1938 Adolf Hitler decreed that the SS-VT was neither...
  8. BravoZulu
    ORIGINAL PHOTOS OF THE SS-VERFÜGUNGSDIVISION They were taken during the Invasion of France in 1940, and feature troops from the SS-VT Division....
  9. BravoZulu
    Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 321 (VMFA-321) was a United States Marine Corps fighter squadron consisting of F/A-18 Hornets . Known as "Hell’s Angels”, the squadron participated in action during...
  10. BravoZulu
    The G Wagon - Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled (LUVW) is used by Regular and Reserve field units and training establishments to provide tactical transport in the fields of command and control,...
  11. BravoZulu
    Chevrolet C8A Production of the C8A took place in General Motors of Canada Oshawa factory from 1942 The C8A, being the smallest type in the Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) range, was available as...
  12. BravoZulu
    A WWI German Sniper poses beside a cast iron duplicate of a tree in No Mans Land. After dark the Germans sometimes replaced trees for these sniper hides to deadly effect....
  13. BravoZulu
    This twin Vickers setup needed a second truck to carry supplies and the rest of the crew. [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]
  14. BravoZulu
    GMC M135 [IMG] GMC M135 After the REO M35 was standardized GMC submitted a different design. An evolution of the CCKW, the GMC was classed as substitute standard M135 in the US but was widely used...
  15. BravoZulu
    A Canadian Cargo deuce and a half (2.5 ton) truck on display at the St-Malo Military Garrison (Canadian Armed Forces), Quebec City, Qc. Note the khaki green and black camouflage pattern. This...

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