Soviet bicycle troops with war dogs on parade, Moscow, Russia, 1 May 1938
Senior sergeant, awarded the Order of the Red Star and the Patriotic War, as well as having a stripe for injury, and a soldier with the medal "For Courage". Both seem to have gone the hard way. The old uniform and the combination of buttonholes and shoulder straps allow us to say that this is 1943.

Colonel Nikolai Aleksandrovich Bezzubov (1902-1943), commander of the 110th rifle division, inspects the soldiers of one of the division's divisions. June 1942, western front. It is noteworthy that apart from Bezzubov himself and the fighter in the background, everyone else is wearing boots with windings, some of them have a spoon peeping out of the winding. All present lack steel helmets, and equipment is limited. The arsenal is mainly represented by Mosin rifles, as well as two SVT and one DP-27 in the frame. Apparently, the unit is about to be nominated for a combat mission.

Soviet soldiers of 248th Separate Infantry Brigade greet Russian civilians of a kolkhoz (collective farm) west of Kursk, February 1943. (colourised)
Two soldiers of the Red Army from the crew of the 50-mm mortar RM-38, who died in battle. Next to the soldier in the foreground lies (apparently) a liter aluminum cork flask Model 1929. The picture also demonstrates the features of the arrangement of the mortar trench, the fighter in the foreground lies in the cell, which is the beginning of the message course, which was never completed.


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