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Some photos, including historical, of Georgian woman pilots. Apparently there were quite a few after WWI, but sadly, not much data has survived, sometimes not even bios.

Rusudan Jordania, became pilot in 1935 with 20 years, mastered 4 aircraft with thousands of flight hours and flew for the next 24 years. She later went on to work as flight instructor and teacher.

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Nino Khubulava, also became a very promising pilot in 1935. However she passed away shortly after due to an unknown illness.

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Another one, Fadiko Gogitidze, 1936, was noted for finishing flight school in record time and her accuracy with the plane. There is a bust of her in Batumi.

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Vera Lambrianova, born in 1912, became pilot but when WWII broke out, she was deployed by Soviet military intelligence to learn and identify enemy aircraft by their engine sounds, which she did with great effect due to her exceptional hearing.

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Sadly no photo of Irina Osanidze, who was supposedly crew chief in a Soviet bomber regiment during WW2.

Modern Day.

Jet pilot Tamar Shioshvili. One of I believe two jet pilots of the modern Georgian military so far.

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National Archive of Georgia.
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MiG-29 woman pilot Urszula Brzezińska-Hołownia Polish Air Force

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Interesting. Her husband is Szymon Holownia, who's now Poland's most popular oppositional politician. Members of parliament from all over the spectrum defect to his new party "Poland 2050". I read a funny interview of him joking about how his wife always hangs out with her pilot comrades while he is stuck making awkward conversation with their wives.

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