Politics Transgender that leave Women for Dust

colin traveller

Mi Field Marshall
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Mar 8, 2018
When you take performance enhancing drugs in sports you are labelled a cheat and stripped of your result etc etc .....

But if you're a bloke playing the TS/TG BS Card youre legally allowed to compete against other REAL Women and beat them

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Funny old world! Both my parents fought in WWII, my mum as a gunnery sergeant in the ATS and my dad an engine room artificer. I had sixteen years as a reservist marine engineer and how things were when I was growing up even when I was serving, 1972-1988, I look at this country today, and think what the F*** have they done to it!? I don’t care who comes to this country as long as they embrace our culture and don’t end up telling us how to run it! That’s how the Inca’s and Aztecs got screwed! Softly softly catch a monkey! They want a 50 pence piece minted to commemorate the Windrush people, well, how about minting one in memory of all the child orphans who were shipped out into slavery to Australia and New Zealand, instead of being raised here and trained to do the work that the Windrush folk were brought here to do! Definitely a funny old world!

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