Question? why arab military tradition use dark tone for uniform or vehicle?

I genuinely have no idea, but it seems from this thread you linked they use beige/dark beige as most everybody fighting in the sandbox?

Black is for errr IS sc*ms, which is always nice to make them easily identifiable.

Brrrrrr... Boom! ;)
The Iraqi black uniforms and Darth Vader helmets were originally adopted to instill fear in the population. One of Saddam's sons was the commander of the Republican Guard and a huge Star Wars fan.

Lord Helmet and the Bavarian police are not impressed.

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Some of those guys are police or paramilitaries and might be wearing black to be distinguishable from the armed forces.

As for the Afghans, their camouflage pattern has a ridiculously convoluted history. Essentially, they were supposed to be equipped with surplus M81 from the States when people began to realise the Taleban could be seen wearing the same pattern. So the Pentagon invested a metric ton of dollar bills into developing a pixelated M81 for the Afghans. The whole business drew heavy criticism in both countries for delays and massive cost overruns.

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