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Female sailor Nabila Maharani from Diponegoro-class (SIGMA 9113) corvette, KRI Frans Kaisiepo (368), providing aerial sniper support during a "full spectrum warfare" test in the Mediterranean Sea. 5 Oct 2023
Nurses on board USS Comfort contemplate the remains of a Japanese kamikaze after the hospital ship was attacked off Okinawa on the night of April 28th 1945.
USS Comfort operated throughout World War II with a Navy crew and Army medical personnel. She sailed from San Pedro, on 21 June 1944 for Brisbane, Australia, and Hollandia, New Guinea. Operating from Hollandia, where a major Army hospital centre had been established to handle casualties from the Philippine operations, the hospital ship evacuated wounded from Leyte, Philippine Islands, on two voyages in October and November and then brought patients back to San Pedro, Calif., in December. Returning by way of Leyte, Comfort reached Hollandia on 6 February 1945. Following a voyage to Subic Bay and Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, for evacuees in March, the hospital ship stood by off Okinawa from 2 to 9 April, receiving wounded for evacuation to Guam.
Returning to Okinawa on 23 April, six days later she was struck by a Japanese suicide plane. The plane crashed through three decks exploding in surgery which was filled with medical personnel and patients. Casualties were 28 killed (including six nurses), and 48 wounded, with considerable damage to the ship.

Inside the operating room
Lauren, an “Adir” first level technician of the 140th (“Golden Eagle”) Squadron, moved to Israel from Florida, U.S. in 2011. She enlisted in the Israeli Air Force in 2018, and after she finished her service in 2020, Lauren returned to Florida, got married and established a warm home in dreamy Miami.

When she heard that the Israel-Hamas War had broken out, she immediately knew what she had to do.
Lauren postponed her medical school education, bought a plane ticket to Israel and left everything behind. With the concern and love for Israel, she returned to the IAF.

Lauren is currently in the squadron in reserve duty, and works days and nights to protect the State of Israel, its citizens and civilians.


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