1. 0000.m4Sniper.jpg


    Another sniper
  2. WW2 scenes

    WW2 scenes

    German sniper
  3. ao_sepia

    Question? why military series had seal all most?

    i never seen about green beret,ranger,pj/cct,recon,diver,sniper,etc
  4. by CPL MP Pantoja

    by CPL MP Pantoja

    photo by Pedro Pantoja
  5. Invasion of the Soviet Union

    Invasion of the Soviet Union

    This scene depicts a Soviet sniper being finished off.
  6. Bombardier

    Photos Snipers, their guns & kit

    Just for Snipers and their guns/kit :)
  7. AAR Galileo

    Mil News The Anatomy Of A Bullsh*t SAS Sniper Story

    “The shot was one in a million.” That’s a quote from a new “exclusive” from Patrick Williams in the UK’s Daily Star, published Monday with the headline SAS sniper’s ‘one in a million’ shot slays ISIS chief. But it’s only one among many seemingly “one in a million” stories written by Williams...
  8. Sniper


    North Caucasus Military District
  9. ~Phoenix~

    Other Post The Black Eagle Battalion - The Most Elite Snipers.

    These are part of Bangladesh Army.They are trained for deep penetration sniper duties able to perform in snow,desert and all types of terrains.Most information about them are highly classified,and they are mostly seen armed with the Chinese copy of Russian Dragunov SVD.
  10. RAF Photographic Competition 2012

    RAF Photographic Competition 2012

    An image from the 2012 RAF Photographic Competition
  11. Dave Every

    Photos Simo Hayha (the White Death)

    Finnish Winter War Without doubt the best sniper that ever lived
  12. American Sniper

    American Sniper

  13. 57x


  14. Us Sniper

    Us Sniper

  15. M110 Semi Automatic Sniper System

    M110 Semi Automatic Sniper System

    (M110 SASS)
  16. L115 A3 sniper rifle

    L115 A3 sniper rifle

    A sniper serving in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 10 with the Sniper Platoon, D (Fire Support) Company, 2nd Battalion, The Mercian Regiment, with his .338mm L115 A3 sniper rifle.
  17. The Hunted become the Hunters

    The Hunted become the Hunters

    I love this picture
  18. Urban Sniper

    Urban Sniper

  19. soldiers in action

    soldiers in action

  20. soldiers in action

    soldiers in action