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Lewis Jones

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Aug 14, 2017
Morning, I'm Lewis Jones in Austin and a veteran, Old Scroll 2nd Battalion. Hope I can add something valuable to the forums, and i'm a grown man so if you disagree, please call me out on it. You won't hurt my feelings. I don't mind a hot discussion, but I don't do the online arguing. I'm off to catch up on reading the forums, Later Gentlemen.
Welcome Lewis, we are an eclectic mix here with many varied careers and ex services from many nations......hope you enjoy your time here and hope to see you in the threads.
Cheers & beers, BZ,-aus
@Lewis Jones your very welcome here mate andto pick up on an American saying "Thank you for your service"

You will find that unlike many other forums we pride ourselves on mature discussion and any flaming or blatant disregard for others feelings are dealt with swiftly (we do like a bit of banter though). Thanks for joining us and if you need any assistance don't hesitate to ask.

I see you are a biker, me too. respect to you pal and I look forward to your postings.


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Welcome glad you found us, you will find this is a well run site , good to meet you
Hi buddy & welcome, this is a great military site and appears to be gaining popularity. Lots going on here too, anything military related is well received.

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