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Trainees of the Army Isparta Mountain & Commando School during close quarters combat training.




images courtesy of Deno in another forum
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Navy SF (SAT) anti-drug operation on a ship called "Commander Tide" on the Suez Canal. They managed to capture 1071 kilograms of heroin



images courtesy of Deno in another forum
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The oldest and only WWII serving active vessel of the Turkish Navy, A 587 TCG Gazal fleet tugboat . She started her service in US Navy as AT-75 USS Sioux and served in Pacific Ocean theater, Korean War and also Vietnam War. Later she transferred to the Turkish Navy in 1973 and still serving.

images courtesy of Deno in another forum
Turkeye's "HIZIR" stands out as a tactical wheeled armored combat vehicle with the highest motor power of its class in the Turkish defense industry.

The vehicle has been developed in accordance with NATO standards, 4x4 configuration, high maneuverability, and operational requirements of security forces. 9 "staffed", ballistic reinforced, with a high level of protection against mines and hand-made explosives, "HIZIR" was designed to perform well under intense conflict conditions in rural and urban areas.

"Quick" is a versatile, low-cost and easy-to-maintain instrument for various configurations as command control instrument, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear vehicle, weapon carrier vehicle (easy integration of various weapon systems), ambulance vehicle, border security vehicle, a platform vehicle.





Hello everyone!

Soon ı will be able to join the thread with my photos. And thanks to the moderators who prepared the topic for me. It was really not necessary to transfer all the posts on me but Its cool and thank you. Before I start I added the detailed current inventory of Turkish Armed Forces. Anyone who is interested can look at it. There could be some minor mistakes but most of the information that I found from the official sale news, gun datas and the photos or the authorized military and non-military member people that I had change to meet and talk. The web pages like wiki is too far away from actual facts.

Annual Budget: 21,2 Billion USD (with the budget of Gendarmerie and CG which funded by the ministry of interior) (2019)
Active Personal: 398,273 (2019)
Major Suppliers: USA, Germany, France, Israel, United Kingdom , Republic of Korea

Current Inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces & Law Enforcement Units

Service Pistols:
-Canik TP9 METE________(Standard service pistol of the Army, Gendarmerie and Navy)
-Sarsılmaz SAR9 METE__(Standard service pistol of the Air Force and Coast Guard)
-Beretta 92_____________(Being used by Army, Gendarmerie and Air Force, mostly local clones)
-Cz 75__________________(Being used by Army & Navy and Gendarmerie, mostly local clones)
-SIG P226______________(Used by Navy SF and EOD (SAT&SAS))
-Glock 17/19___________(Used by Army SF (ÖKK), Gendarmerie SF (JÖAK), Navy EOD (SAS) and Army Commandos)
-HK USP9 Tactical______(Used by Army SF (ÖKK))

Sub-machine Guns:
-HK MP5A2/A3/SD/K__(Used by all branches of Turkish Armed Forces, produced by MKEK since 1967)
-IMI Mini Uzi__________(Used by Army SF (ÖKK))
-FN P90_______________(Used by Gendarmerie SF (JÖAK))
-Sarsılmaz SAR109T___(Used by Navy and Gendarmerie)

Assault Rifles:
-MKEK MPT-76______(Standard service rifle of the Armed Forces)
-MKEK MPT-55______(Being used by Army Commandos and close protection staff)
-Kalekalıp KCR556___(Being usedby Gendarmerie special mission units)
-HK G3A3/A4________(Former standard service rifle, still in use of some reserve units and conscripts, produced under license by MKEK )
-HK33E_____________(Being used by Gendarmerie)
-HK G41____________(Being used by Gendarmerie in limited numbers)
-HK416A5___________(Primary weapon of the Army SF (ÖKK) and Air Force CSAR/CCT units)
-Colt M4A1__________(Used by Navy SF/EOD unit (SAT & SAS), Air Force CSAR and Army SF (ÖKK). Some of them produced under license by Sarsılmaz )
-Colt M16A1/A2/A4_(Mostly used by Army & Gendarmerie commando brigades in limited numbers)
-IWI TAR-21 Tavor___(Used by Army SF (ÖKK) VIP guards in limited numbers)
-IWI Galil MAR______(Used by Army SF (ÖKK) and Gendarmerie SF (JÖH) in limited numbers)
-AK-47/AKM_________(Mostly used by local village guards and support units. Most of them are from East German Army stocks)

Machine Guns:
-Rheinmetall MG3___(Standard issue machine gun of the Armed Forces, Produced under license by MKEK)
-FN Minimi 7.62 TR__(Used by Marines and Navy Special Forces & EOD (SAT & SAS))
-FN Minimi Mk.I/II__(Used by Army SF (ÖKK) and Navy SF (SAT))
-FN MAG 58________(Used by Rafael RWS on Otokar Cobra APCs of Army, Gendarmerie and Police. Also AS532 Cougars of Air Force)
-PKM______________(Used by local village guards and Army & Gendarmerie Commandos, bought form China, Bulgaria and Romania)
-HK23E____________(Used by Gendarmerie troops in limited numbers)
-HK MG4___________(Used by Air Force CSAR unit)

Sniper/ Designated Marksman Rifles:
-MKEK KNT-76________(Standard issue designated marksman rifle of the Armed Forces)
-KAC M110 SASS______(Used by Army SF (ÖKK))
-KAC SR-25____________(Used by Gendarmerie SF (JÖAK))
-KAC SR-15 Match_____(Used by Gendarmerie SF (JÖAK))
-HK G28________________(Used by Air Force CSAR and Gendarmerie SF (JÖAK))
-MKEK JNG-90__________(Primary bolt-action sniper rifle of Gendarmerie & Air Force & Navy, also used by Police SF (PÖH))
-Accuracy L115 AWMF__(Primary bolt-action sniper rifle of Land Forces)
-Remington MSR338____(Used by Army SF (ÖKK)
-Cheytac M200__________(Used by Army SF (ÖKK in limited numbers)
-Accuarcy L96A1 AWF__(Used by Gendarmerie)
-Robar RC-50___________(Used by Gendarmerie & Army Commandos and Gendarmerie SF (JÖH) in limited numbers)
-McMillan TAC-50______(Used by Army SF (ÖKK))
-Barrett M107__________(Used by Navy SF&EOD Unit (SAT & SAS))
-Barrett M95___________(Used by Navy troops like Marines and Navy Special forces & EOD (SAT&SAS))

Anti-Tank Weapons:
-M72 LAW__________(30,000 + units. Standart shoulder launched rocket of the Armed Forces, produced by MKEK & roketsan)
-RPG-7____________(10,000+ launchers, Used by various elements of the Army & Gendarmerie, bought from Azerbaijan and Bulgaria)
-MBDA ERYX_______(800 launchers +8,000 missiles. Missiles produced by MKEK & roketsan)
-MBDA MILAN______(632 launchers +5,000+ missiles)
-BGM-71 TOW______(390 launchers + 4,000+ missiles, also used on M113/ACV-300 Anti-Tank vehicles, AH-1P /AH-1W and T-129 attack helicopters)
-AT-14 Kornet-E_____(80 launchers + 800 missiles)

Heavy Machine Guns & Automatic Grenade Launchers:
-M2HB Browning____(Standard issue heavy machine gun of the Armed Forces, produced by MKEK)
-M134 Minigun______(Used by some Cobra APCs of the Army and AS532 Cougar helichopters of Army & Air Force.Produced by kale aero & Canik arms)
-Mk.19_______________(Standart issue automatic grenade launcher of the Armed Forces. Produced by MKEK)

Main Battle Tanks:
-Leopard 2A4________(340+ units, going to be modernized by aselsan with Leopard 2NG programme in long-term period)
-M60T1 Sabra-Fırat__(164+ units, extensively modernized by Israel and aselsan)
-Leopard 1T__________(171 units, modernized with 3rd gen fire & control systems by aselsan)
-Leopard 1A3_________(184 units, some of the have transferred into combat suport platforms like mobile bridging and armoured recovery vehicles)
-M60A3TTS Patton___(650 units, modernizing with roketsan made add-on reactive armour)
-M48A5T2 Patton____(758 units, modernized with 105mm M68 gun, MTU diesel engine and M60A3 fire & control system and thermal sights, slowly removing from active service)

Armoured Personnal Carriers & Armoured Fighting Vehicles
-FNSS ACV-300 IFV_______(650 units, going to be modernized by aselsan Nefer 30mm rws and new combat management interface)
-FNSS ACV-300 APC______(1,605 units, five different combat models)
-M113T1/T2_______________(2,500+ units, refitted by FNSS with new diesel engine, transmission and radio unit, four different combat models)
-FNSS Kaplan STA____(204 units, armed with Roketsan OMTAS remote controlled fire-forget top attack ATGM turret)
-FNSS Pars 8x8 İZCİ___(60 units, armed with 25mm autocannon turret and command control systems to be used as field command vehicle)
-FNSS Pars 6x6 İZCİ___(40 units, armed with 12.7mm rws and command control systems to be used as field command vehicle)
-FNSS Pars 4x4 STA___(76 units, armed with Roketsan OMTAS remote controlled fire-forget top attack ATGM turret)
-Otokar ARMA 6x6____(336 units, some armed with Roketsan Cirit remote controlled 2.75" missile launchers, being used by Gendarmerie)
-BMC Kirpi MRAP_____(1,000 units, being used by Army, Gendarmerie and Air Force)
-BMC Kirpi II MRAP___(2,000 units, being used by Army )
-BMC Vuran___________(1,678 units)
-Katmerciler Yörük_____(190 units, being used as reconnaissance vehicle with aselsan ADOP-2000 EO survellience system and mobile ground radar)
-Nurol Ejder Yalçın_____(280 units, being used by Gendarmerie)
-Otokar Cobra_________(1,780 units, being used by Army, Gendarmerie and Air Force)
-Otokar Cobra II_______(400+ units, orders are going on, being used by Army, Gendarmerie, Navy and Air Force)
-Otokar APV___________(500 units, mostly replaced by Cobra models, being used by Gendarmerie in western part sof Turkey)
-Otokar Akrep_________(260 units, modified with samson 12.7mm RWS, being used by Turkish Army Brigade in Cyprus)

Armoured Recovery Vehicles
-M48T5 Tamay______(105 units, M48A5 chasis with Bergepaner 2 body)
-M88A2 Hercules____(55 units)
-MPG M4K___________(29 units)

Armoured Mobile Bridging Vehicles
-Leopard 1TR_______(36 units)
-M48A5 Leugan_____(150+ units)

Armoured Amphibious Engineering & Bridging Vehicles
-FNSS AZMIM______(12 units)
-FNSS SHYK________(52 units)

Self-Propelled Howitzers
-T-155 Fırtına II____(20+ units)
-T-155 Fırtına______(352 units +71 Poyraz mobile armoured supply vehicles)
-M52T____________(362 units, modernized with 155mm L39 cannons, new engine, radio & fire-control systems and add-on armour)
-M44T____________(164 units, modernized with 155mm L39 cannons, new engine, radio & fire-control systems and add-on armour)
-M110A2__________(219 units)

Towed Howitzers
-T-155 Panter______(251 units, going to be converted to self propelled howitzers with 8x8 carriers)
-M114A1/A2_______(538 units)
-M101A1__________(830 units)
-M116 pack________(116 units)
-M115 Long Tom____(162 units)

Multiple Rocket Launchers
-TR-300 Kasırga_________(54 launchers, being used with Kasırga-G 302mm guided rockets with 100 km range)
-TR-122 Sakarya________(80 launchers, being used with Sakarya-G 122mm guided rockets with 40 km range)
-TR-107 Anadolu________(100 launchers)
-M270 MLRS____________(12 launchers +180 ATACMS I missiles)

Tactical Ballistic Missile Systems:
-J600TI Yıldırım__________(14 launchers with 140 missiles, 180 km range)
-J600TII Yıldırım_________(10 launchers with 100 missiles, 250 km range)
-Roketsan Bora__________(30+ launchers, 320 km range)

Attack Helicopters:
-T-129A/B ATAK_________(65 units)
-AH-1W Super Cobra___(13 units, being modernizing)
-AH-1P Cobra___________(20 units, modernized with early warning sensors and active protection system for IR guided SAMs)

Ultility Helicopters:
-CH-47F Chinook_______(14 units)
-UH-60 Blackhawk_____(104 units in service of Army and Gendarmerie)
-T-70 Blackhawk_______(4+85 on order, UH-60M varaint with Turkish avionics, being produced by TUSAŞ under license)
-AS532 Cougar_________(48 units in service of Army and Air Force)
-UH-1H 2020 ASAM____(52 units in service of Army, modernized by TAI with new electronic & avionics, early warning sensors and active protection system)
-AB-205________________(30 units, in service of Air Force)
-Mi-17 Hip-H___________(17 units in service of Gendarmerie, modernized by TAI with early warning sensors and active protection system)

Maritime Patrol & ASW Helicopters:
-S-70B Seahawk________(24 units +6 on order)
-AB-212 ASW___________(12 units)
-AB-412EP______________(13 units, in service of Coast Guard as SAR helicopters)

Combat Fighters:
-F-16C/D Fighting Falcon__(240 units. Produced by TUSAS between 1987-2013, all of them are modernized with Block 50M standards by TAI)
-F-4E 2020 Termnator____(48 units, modernized by IAI with new avionics, radar and electronics, sharpshooter targeting pods and popeye missiles)

AEW&C Planes:
-E-7T Peace Eagle________(4 units)

Tanker Planes:
-KC-135R Stratotanker____(7 units, modernized with Pacer CRAG avionic suit in USA)

Cargo Planes:
-A400M ATLAS__________(10 units)
-C-130B/E Hercules______(19 units, modernized by TAI with new avionics and electronics under)
-C-160 Transall__________(16 units, being replaced by A400M ATLAS aircrafts)
-CASA CN-235___________(47 units, 16 of them are modified for SIGNT /ELINT and 2 for MEDEVAC missions)

Maritime Patrol Aircrafts:
-CN-235 MPA____________(9 units)
-ATR-72 MPA____________(2 +6 units on order)

-IAI Heron_______________(10 systems, modernized with new engine, AselFLIR300T FLIR Unit and SATCOM antenna)
-TAI Anka-A/B/S_________(34 systems, in service of Air Force and Navy)
-Bayraktar TB-2_________(106 systems, in service of Air Force, Navy and Gendarmerie)
-Bayraktar Çaldıran_____(100+ systems, in service of Army and Gendarmerie)
-Bayraktar Malazgirt____(4+ systems, in service of Army)

Air Defense Systems:
-FIM-92 Stinger__________(1,200+ launchers, being produced by roketsan)
-aselsan Atılgan__________(150 mechanized launchers, M113T2 based remote controlled Stinger SAM system)
-aselsan Zıpkın___________(80 mobile launchers Land & Rover Defender based remote conrolled Stinger SAM system)
-Rapier Mk.II_____________(86 launcers, modernized by roketsan & aselsan)
-I-Hawk_________________(8 batteries-24 launchers)
-S-400 Triumpf__________(2 batteries +2 on order)

-Gabya Class__________(8 vessels, ex-USN OHP class AAW Frigates, modernized with GENESIS combat management system, Smart-S Mk.2 radar, and Mk 41 8 cell VLS unit for ESSM missiles)
-MEKO 200 TNIIA/B____(4 vessels, buit in Turkey, modernized with GENESIS combat manegement system and Smart-S Mk.2 radars)
-MEKO 200 TNI_______(4 vessels, built in Turkey)

-Ada Class___________(4 vessels)
-Burak Class_________(6 vessels, Ex-French Aviso class, modified with aselsan Bora remote controlled UMTAS missile launcher)

Fast Attack Crafts:
-Kılıç I/II Class_______(9 vessels)
-Rüzgar Class________(4 vessels)
-Yıldız Class__________(2 vessels)
-Doğan Class_________(4 vessels)

Patrol Boats:
-Tuzla Class__________(16 vessels)

-Type 209 1400_______(8 vessels, built in Turkey)
-Type 209 1200_______(4 vessels, built in Turkey modernized with new combat management system and digital snorkel)
-Type 214TN__________(1 vessel +3 on order, being building in Turkey)

Mining Vessels:
-Engin Class__________(5 vessels)
-Aydın Class_________(6 vessels)
-Seydi Class_________(5 vessels)
-Felenk Class________(3 vessels)

Amphibious Assault Vessels:
-Bayraktar Class LST___(2 units)
-Gazi Class LST_______(1 unit)
-Bey Class LST_______(2 units)
-ADIK LCT___________(8 units)
-LCM_______________(16 units)
-LCU________________(30 units)
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Navy SF Unit (SAT) patrolling near the KArdak Islets, located on the maritime border between Greece-Turkey almost ayear ago

Army SF (ÖKK) from the inter-border security operations in 2015. Notice the Cheytac M200 fielded...


Navy SF members in Syria. Photos taken Mostly from Jarablus and Al-Bab during 2017

"Sniper Cafe"

Gendarmerie troops during their guard duty on Ankara General Courthouse. Notice the HK G41s. Not so common rifle that used by Gendarmerie in limited numbers since from 1990s..


Gendarmerie CQB & marksmanship trainings
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