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Jan 21, 2002
Aspiring country band, Walker McGuire have penned a song dedicated to the "Docs" and Corpsman out there. These medics are unsung heroes and don't always get the recognition that they deserve, and these two men decided that something needs to be done about that. So they wrote "They Call Me Doc", a song dedicated to those who heroically save lives.


An awesome song you will be glad you listened to

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Thanks for putting that up Bombardier, it’s nice to hear something nice said about the medics.
Here’s a small snippet from my book “YOU TWO! FALL IN - IN THREE RANKS!”

The Royal Army Medical Corps is the butt of most jokes in the forces - especially from the Regiments who think that to be a medic is to be a sissy.
In battle situations when a man is injured, his voice will carry high above the noise of shot and shell. The one word he shouts is, “MEDIC!” It is then realised that the medic is not such a sissy after all.
To all medics, I say: “Keep your head down, look after yourself, and keep making those house calls on the field of battle.”


Must admit Silky, I have never heard anybody call a medic a sissy but I am sure that some probably did.

Found this Medics prayer on a US Army medical Department website. Do British MEdics have a similar prayer?

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Cant say I am a big fan of country music but this one seems to appeal, perhaps because the lyrics and the motivation for the song are fully understood and mean something to me.

Powerful subject matter and a well delivered song.
Military medics are as courageous as their fighting counterparts, if not more so when the need arises.
This song never gets old, I love it. mil-smile09