Question? A Higher Call?

Hard to say if he is attacking this man or helping him?
Given the reputation German soldiers of that time have it would be easy to assume the former, interesting I will take a look round myself.

German soldier helping a French soldier.jpg
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Exactly. First, I thought that too but it just doesn´t look like the German is going to double tap him.
Yeah, the spanish wording underneath the picture doesn't help either, rather it appears to be just the thoughts of the poster and offers nothing in the way help.
Yep, I´ve tried that myself. And a Tumblr page of some SS-obsessed lady. It didn´t help either.
Well I took a look at the file name and discovered that in spanish it says

soldado alemán ayudando a un soldado francés

Translates to
German soldier helping a French soldier

Although that does not really help because the person who named it may have simply believed that was what he was seeing
Thank you. That´s the same thing what Tumblr said. Too bad that the entire story about it is propably lost forever.
You never know what we might find, its in my memory banks now so if I see anymore about it I will remember and post it here.
Very interesting post, I am not sure how the german can be helping the french soldier ? His position is not conducive to helping him stand up, the best he could do in that position is drag him perhaps?
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German infantry advance past wounded French soldier.jpg

Image added by Bombardier

Try these 2 links. I have seen this photo before and had it in mind that it was a series of photos. Seems it was from a Signal combat photographer, Invasion of France 1940, street fighting in an unknown French town. The German appears to have been checking the street before offering some assistance to the wounded Frenchman.
If you check the facade at the bottom of the street and the positioning of the Frenchman's rifle on the ground it seems to me to be from the same series of photo's
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Lots of interesting thoughts on the first link, I agree our photo seems to be part of a series of pics. The photo on the first link would seem to be a different person (on the ground) as I cannot see the helmet lying near to him (as in ours), the Germans appear identical though
nice find @BravoZulu

Looing closer at the linked image the helmet could still be on his head
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I thought they may be clips from a video and I had convinced myself that I had seen a documentary with these scenes on, alas after many hours searching on youtube and others I could not find it.

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