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Feb 29, 2004
Nearly 200 Territorial Army soldiers are working alongside former Soviet bloc troops in Kazakhstan.
Soldiers from the 3rd Battalion of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment have already completed six months in Iraq.

Now the challenging, sandy terrain and hot weather of Kazakhstan is being seen as a good place to train for the Gulf.

Lance Corporal Tony Scott said: "It's sandy, it's hard and recent operations have been in hot weather so it's good to get used to that sort of thing."

Kazakhstan became an autonomous republic of the USSR in 1920 and became a full union republic of the USSR in 1936.

The Asia Pacific country stayed under Soviet rule until independence was declared in 1991.

Lt Col Tony Guthrie, the battalion's commanding officer, said many find it hard to believe they are working alongside former USSR troops.

"I spent my formative years studying tactics and learning how to fight these people," he told BBC South East Today.

"You do have to keep pinching yourself and remembering that they are now your friends.

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