Politics Shinzo Abe former Japanese PM Shot

Confusing reports about his current state. Seems like the Japanese govt don’t want to announce him dead yet if he isn’t, but it doesn’t look good.

Shooter is reportedly a 42yo, former JMSDF officer.




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Shooter is reportedly a 42yo, former JMSDF officer.

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3d printed gun? Very hard to get a gun in Japan.
Looks like fully homemade with "brico-depot" stuff.

As for the ammo, if he managed to build his gun out of literal scratch, it is likely he wouldn't have had problem finding he necessary components to improvise makeshift bullets; mixture of charcoal with sulfur and saltpeter.
RIP, they pumped 100 units of blood into him but still couldn't save the guy.

Here's hoping the f*cker will hang for this, he surely checks 5 out 9 items on the qualifying list:
  1. Degree of viciousness
  2. Motive
  3. How the crime was committed; especially the manner in which the victim was killed.
  4. Outcome of the crime; especially the number of victims.
  5. Sentiments of the bereaved family members.
  6. Impact of the crime on Japanese society.
  7. Defendant's age (in Japan, the age of majority is 20).
  8. Defendant's previous criminal record.
  9. Degree of remorse shown by the defendant.
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Reminded me of a blasting cap

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