Photos Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989

There is still some interesting fun in our army. The soldiers are young, they want to drink, but there is no alcohol in the army. You can't change it at the locals, they are Muslims. How to be? In a truck or military vehicle, where there were two fuel tanks (often one was empty - a spare one), one of the tanks was filled with berries, water, yeast... I am not good at making homemade drinks, but I got an excellent moonshine (cамогонка).

One of my friends served on a ZIL-130 truck. He prepared 30 liters of berry liqueur, but did not have time to try it - he was transferred to another part. Every time he thinks about the army, he is sad at this moment :D
Listen, I painted an interesting picture here about alcohol in our army. And what about the army in your country? For some reason, it is believed everywhere that Russians drink the most, but this is not the case, especially in Soviet times. In the army of socialist Czechoslovakia, soldiers received beer daily along with rations, for example. Now we read the news how the Germans are exporting beer, champagne and wine from Afghanistan. It seems to me that not everything is so simple.

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soviet soldier and his "blaster".Note his gear)
and his gear
- Comrade soldier, we gave you a new uniform! Now you can wear a medical bag right on your shoulder!
- A? What? What the F*** is it to me? Better put cigarettes, bullet stupid!
They appear to be wearing local traditional bullet belts for the pictures, not like they would out in the field dressed like that.
Wow, GREAT Pics mate, love the personal shots taken by the troops showing soldiers lives on the frontier. Thanks for posting!!!
More please......... (Y)

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