On October 26, the Romanian Ministry of Defense announced the deployment of the Gepard 1A2 35-mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun in Poland for the first time. The sets were included in the equipment of sub-unit 102 soldiers from the 3rd Potaissa Air Defense Battalion from Turda in Romania. The unit and equipment are to be stationed in Poland for half a year as part of the NATO battalion battle group eFP (Enhanced Forward Presence) in Orzysz and Bemowo Piskie.

35-mm anti-aircraft Gepard 1A2 cannons were deployed in Poland as part of the 8th rotation of the Romanian military contingent stationed in the country in order to strengthen NATO's eastern flank.
Interestingly, these sets were also deployed outside Romania for the first time. They replaced the towed Oerlikon GDF-003 anti-aircraft systems with 2 x 35-mm guns stationed in Poland for three and a half years.
RoNavy Minesweeper "Lt. Lupu Dinescu" heading out to join the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2

RoNavy frigate "Regina Maria", part of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 will take part in the Mediteranean Sea in the Sea Guardian NATO Operation and Mavi Balina 20 exercise organised by Turkey.
On board there is also a Navy SOF dettachment.

Mărășești Frigate joint exercise with HMS Dragon in the Black Sea. Also two RoAF MiG-21 and a Royal Canadian AF Hornet participated in the exercise.

Last take off from Camp Castor, Gao. The helicopters flew 1000km to Bamako where they will be prepared for transport back to Romania with an Antonov An-124. The 4th helicopter, which was damaged has already been transported to Romania with a C-17 aircraft.
In total the RoAF IAR-330 flew over 1250 hours in Mali.

The 3rd and 4th (from a batch of 5) newly bought F16 arrived in Romania. They are bought from Portugal and are MLU M5.2 standard. The last one will arrive next year. All RoAF F-16s are the same standard.

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